Who We Are

At Wealthpluz, our mission is simple – to put as many people as possible on the right financial track to meet their important Financial Goals (For eg. Retirement planning, Savings for dependent siblings/parent, Child’s education, buying a new home or a car or estate planning etc.) by helping them invest their money wisely, simply, smartly and efficiently. We are based in Jaipur, popularly known as Pinkcity of India.
At Wealthpluz, we take great care to ensure that your investments are made in line within the bounds of an individual's risk tolerance levels. Although it is vital to know that the very nature of securities markets can often lead to irrational price fluctuations in the short and medium term. We ensure that prior doing investments, our clients fully understand the Risk-Reward aspects of any investment.
Interaction is the best way to understand your present financial situation & accordingly we will be doing risk profiling for you. After this our Financial Planner would be in a better position to make and share the customised financial plan with you.
As per the regulatory requirements from The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), it is mandatory for all online investors to be KYC (Know Your Client) compliant. We do provide services for KYC Registration of our clients under online/offline mode as per requirements.
Yes, certainly. Your documentation requirements will vary slightly. These will be suggested to you by our team.
Yes, you can add all your family accounts into one family portfolio. This can be further viewed on our app/web portal.
We do provide all our clients with access to all their investments though an app/web version with login credentials. On this platform you can view all your investments & can also create a single portfolio for one family as per the requirement.
There are no charges associated with setting up an investment account with Wealthpluz. Our team will guide you through the documentation process, KYC Compliance & facilitate your online investment account that you can use to transact without any paperwork.
Our team will help you in evaluating the present portfolio without any charges. Our team will present you an unbiased review of your current investments & if required will also guide you for any remedial measure.
No, we do not make any suggestions to our clients on direct equities.